USPS Tracking says "Delivered" but I cannot find my package!




  • Liane Rivera

    I contacted the mail and all my packages arrived except the package that Yandy sent. I had already contacted yandy to see what they can do. I wanted to make another order but my first order has not even arrived🙄

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  • Georgetta Sisson

    Im experiencing the same problem. All my packages arrive with no problem. My package from Yandy says delivered but I have not received anything.

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  • nikita miller

    On the off chance that your tracking data shows that your mailpiece was delivered yet you can't discover it, here are a few hints to assist you with finding your bundle:

    1. Check the transportation address is right.

    2. Search for a notification of package delivered.

    3. Check out the conveyance area for your packages. A few conveyances might be set close to the carport or side entryway.

    4. Check whether another person acknowledged the conveyance with other shipper sites like usps tracking sites.

    6. A few bundles travel through different transporters; check your post box or any place else you get mail.

    7. At long last, if it's not too much trouble realize that bundles may state conveyed as long as 36 hours before appearance.

    8. On the off chance that you speculate a mistake on your conveyance, if it's not too much trouble contact your nearby USPS office or Fedex for extra subtleties.


    NiKi M

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  • lisa la


    Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge. I've been struggling to come up with many questions on this subject. I'll stand by your side! cookie clicker unblocked

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